Revised English Version® & Commentary

The Revised English Version® (REV®) is the New Testament version by Spirit & Truth Fellowship International®. We call it the REV because we are presenting a revised version of earlier English versions, primarily the American Standard Version of 1901 (ASV), which we have used as the base text for our work, updating it when we feel it is appropriate.

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We have worked to keep the REV as a literal translation whenever appropriate, like the ASV or King James. It is not a “dynamic equivalent translation,” such as the NIV, although there are times when, to make good sense in English, we had to depart from a strictly literal translation. Our goal is to eventually have an “essentially literal” translation of the Bible that more closely represents biblical truth than any other translation currently on the market, and also one that is written in today’s English.

We think we can do that because we believe a person has to understand the meaning of the text correctly to be able to translate it correctly. Furthermore, one’s theology always affects the way that person will translate the text. It is our assertion that there are theological issues that we understand more correctly than most translators, and thus our translation will reflect that theology.

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Revised English Version® (REV®) & Commentary

New Testament (whole) | Commentary (whole)

Introduction | Commentary

Matthew | Commentary

Mark | Commentary

Luke | Commentary

John | Commentary

Acts | Commentary

Romans | Commentary

1 Corinthians | Commentary

2 Corinthians | Commentary

Galatians | Commentary

Ephesians | Commentary

Philippians | Commentary

Colossians | Commentary

1 Thessalonians | Commentary

2 Thessalonians | Commentary

1 Timothy | Commentary

2 Timothy | Commentary

Titus | Commentary

Philemon | Commentary

Hebrews | Commentary

James | Commentary

1 Peter | Commentary

2 Peter | Commentary

1, 2, & 3 John | Commentary

Jude | Commentary

Revelation | Commentary

Commentary Bibliography

Appendix 1. The Permanence of Christian Salvation

Appendix 2. Life in the Age to Come

Appendix 3. Christ’s Future Kingdom On Earth

Appendix 4. The Dead are Dead

Appendix 5. Annihilation in the Lake of Fire

Appendix 6. Usages of “Spirit”

Appendix 7. Usages of “Soul”

Appendix 8. On Calvinism and Predestination

Appendix 9. Fool and Foolish

Appendix 10. The Greek Words for Prayer

Appendix 11. Greek Prepositions

Appendix 12. The Role of Women in the Church

Appendix 13. The Bride of Christ

Appendix 14. Names of the Slanderer (Devil)

Appendix 15. Can We Pray to Jesus?