In the Book of Acts God makes a clear distinction between the Berean Jews and those in Thessalonica. In Thessalonica there were a few who believed Paul’s testimony but many others formed a riotous mob, attacked Paul’s hosts, and even turned the whole city into an uproar. However, when Paul came to Berea the Jews there received Paul’s words with eagerness and examined the Scriptures daily to see if what Paul said was true.

There are two clear conditions that separated the Bereans from the Thessalonians. One is their attitude; they were “eager” to learn, and second is their ability; they had the skill sets necessary to “examine the Scriptures” to verify Paul’s words. Like the Bereans. we should all strive to have the right attitude and then take the time to study the Word of God so we handle it correctly. Then, like the Bereans, we too will be considered by God to be “more noble.”