My wife and I have been committed to providing our children a Christian based education, one that focuses on Christian character with a solid education based on a Christian perspective. This year the private Christian school that our children attended closed, which meant we were faced with the task to find another school. Finding a new school can be a daunting task, especially since so many churches want to promote their particular denominational traditions and doctrinal positions. Not only is denominationalism a problem but, for us as Biblical Unitarians, the way a school handles the Trinity can also be a huge factor. Most schools require the parents to sign a Statement of Faith, which almost always includes a “Trinity” statement and, for a number of personal reasons, this is something that we decided we will not do.

After visiting a number of facilities we decided upon one that seemed to be a very good fit. Sure enough, page three of the application form contained the dreaded doctrinal agreement. Thankfully though this one allowed a space for writing alternate language for any item that we disagreed with, and it indicated that they would then take our position into consideration regarding the children’s admission to the school.

Here is what the form stated.

“We believe that there is one God; eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”

And, here was what we wrote.

“We believe in One God, the Creator and the Father, eternally existent; One Lord, Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God; One Spirit, the holy spirit. We believe in their unity of purpose and action.”

I called the school and read to the administrator their wording and ours. After a moment of silence she said, “Oh, we have no problem with that…heck, most of us don’t understand that doctrine anyway.” Praise God, the kids were accepted and we can look forward to a new school and them enjoying the fruit of a solid Christian based education. As Biblical Unitarians, we need to use wisdom to navigate through what is often times a Trinitarian world.