Have you ever been in a situation where you just didn’t know what to pray for or against? There are times in our lives where the words of man bombard us constantly, obscuring the will of God. We can find ourselves torn between human ideals, uncertain of who is walking upright, who is deceived, if anyone is truly right or wrong, and most of all, how to conduct ourselves so that we are behaving in as Christlike a manner as possible. This can be especially difficult when we’re uncertain if we are operating from a position of whole or partial facts! We want our prayers to be effective, but that can present so much difficulty when we’re not certain what we should even pray for.

While reflecting recently on the painful uncertainty that many people face when trying to navigate tricky and painful situations like these, I got to talking to God. I confessed to Him that I have often struggled with feelings of loss and bitterness when the words just wouldn’t come, but that I never again want to be caught in a place where I feel too trapped to even pray. I asked Him to teach me what to pray for in those times when I don’t even know what to pray for.

And just like that, the words came to me—a prayer that my husband and I have begun to incorporate into our daily prayer time together. We’ve both found that when we feel lost or stuck, when words fail us as we face a problem and need help, discernment, and courage to navigate it, this prayer has brought us so much peace. Lately, I’ve felt the pressure on my heart to share this simple, short, but heartfelt prayer with a wider community than just my husband and me. It is our hope that this prayer will bring some of you the same sense of peace and direction as it has to us, and that it will be helpful to you in times when words fail:

Father God, give me eyes to see, ears to hear, and lips that speak YOUR truth—even if my voice shakes.