Children love to see a puppet show, and in spite of them obviously being suspending they think of them as alive because they cannot see the operator pulling and manipulating the strings. People become incensed when told that they too are often being manipulated and controlled, much like a puppet on a string.

Sadly, we are all manipulated all the time and we must learn how to actively overcome it. Indeed, most of the manipulation is subtle but it is still there. We are constantly being manipulated by merchandisers to believe their advertising we purchase their products. Stores are intentionally organized and designed to stimulate senses through color and product placement to stimulate our sense to buy, that is, to pull or strings. Consider too how our strings are pulled if we believe the majority of the news reports on the television, the newspapers, and internet, failing to see the “spin” they put on things.

Many people fail to understand that God tells us clearly in His Word that the whole world is under the control of the Devil, the  “god of this world” (1 John 5:19). Thankfully Jesus pulled back the curtain, revealed the master manipulator, and cut us free from his strings, but it is up to us to resist his ways so we don’t fall into his snares. To do this we must make God’s thoughts our thoughts and His ways ours.