For years I thought of being an Ambassador for Christ in terms of how much I knew and what I spoke. Certainly, it is true that an ambassador must have proficient knowledge, but we must also have a personal relationship and experience of the one we represent.

From the time I was ten until my early twenties I worked for my dad in his Hardware store and Lumberyard. Having worked there for such a long time with my dad, I knew exactly what he wanted done in the store and how to handle just about any situation that arose with the customers. One day I had to deal with a customer who was asking me to do something that I knew clearly that my dad would not allow. I told him politely the store policy but he still wanted to talk to the boss, in which case I was able to tell him with complete confidence that I had just told him exactly what the “boss” was going to say. As an ambassador we must have the same type of personal knowledge and experience with the one we represent as I did with my dad.

To be an effective Ambassador for Christ we must take the time to develop a personal relationship with Jesus so we can represent him as accurately as I did my dad in that lumberyard many decades ago.