nlicNew Life in Christ: Foundations for Powerful Christian Living

This class covers all the topics necessary to give a beginning student the tools needed to understand and apply biblical truth and everyday life. The class is a family collaboration of John Schoenheit and his sister, Sue Carlson. The blend of their two voices, manners, and teaching styles is an extremely logical and winning presentation that you can give to your friends and acquaintances who want to know why you are so jazzed about life and the Lord Jesus Christ.

otA Journey Through the Old Testament

A 26-hour presentation designed to give you a scope and understanding of the chronology and important events of the Old Testament, which is the foundation for understanding the New Testament. As such, the teachings are full of practical keys to Christian living today. Genesis through Malachi is the same training manual that shaped the life of our Lord Jesus Christ. Much biblical geography, customs, culture and history is set forth as many biblical characters come to life in this dynamic teaching.

deathDeath & Resurrection to Life

In this multi-part seminar on the state of the dead, John Schoenheit systematically sets forth what the Scriptures teach: that the dead are dead, and not alive in any form until they are raised from the dead by Jesus Christ. If you want to know about dead, heaven, resurrection and our promised hope, this audio seminar is for you.

truthTruth Matters

We believe that there is such a thing as absolute truth. We also believe that the very concept of absolute truth is under attack. Truth Matters is a series of teachings, by Dan Gallagher, in which he examines the existence of truth, seeks to discover what truth is, and learns what it means to walk in the light of truth.

creationThe Creation – Evolution Controversy

A 6-hour seminar that exposes the fallacious Theory of Evolution for what it is – a religion, and not a science. The bottom line of the frontal assault on the integrity of God’s Word is Satan’s original lie: “You shall be as gods.” This seminar defines the classical Darwinian theory of evolution and shows that it is absolutely unscientific from every angle, being totally contradicted by mathematics, genetics, thermo-dynamics, anthropology, geology, biology, zoology and the fossil record.

revelationThe Book of Revelation

Our peace is that we can work heartily unto the Lord now, knowing from reading the last chapter that we win! We believe that you will appreciate the perspective with which this challenging subject is approached, and we hope that you will find this presentation an accurate representation of God’s heart as it is revealed in His Word.

errors_trinityOn the Errors of The Trinity

Since its components began to be officially codified at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD, the “Trinity” has been a topic that has caused great confusion and uncertainty for many truth-seeking Christians. This seminar, by Don Snedeker, is filled with fascinating quotes from many Christians through the centuries who recognized that the Trinity has no biblical basis, and who stood firm against opposition and persecution for not believing it. Don aptly shows how critical it is for Christians to truly understand who Jesus Christ really is and what is his relationship to God, not only so they can make a rational defense of our faith, but so they can experience a relationship with God similar to that which Jesus had.