This book addresses what is probably the number one question most people have about God:

If He is a loving God, why is there such rampant human suffering?

This book shows biblically that God is not at all to blame, that the cause of all suffering is sin, and it shows whose sin. It shows why Jesus Christ is the fulcrum of history in this regard, and resolves the seemingly apparent contradiction between the nature of the Old Testament God and that of the New Testament God, which, of course are the same changeless God.

The book exposes the myth that God is totally in control of all that happens (which would make Him responsible for it) and shows that He and His Son Jesus Christ are doing all they can to intervene in the realm of Satan’s authority and help us. A chapter on faith shows what faith is and how it helps us to access the power of God. The book shows how God does test us for our benefit, though never by tragedy or affliction.

It explains what the “chastening” of God is and why it has nothing to do with anything like punishing us. The redemptive value of the proper response to suffering is also discussed. Letting God speak for Himself and seeing the truth of His Word about the subject of evil, sin, and suffering will help you grow immensely in love for God and His Son, in faith for their promises, and in hope of the final victory that is ours, enabling you to live with joy and peace, even in a “war zone.”

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Chapter One: Is God The Problem?

Chapter Two: Sin Is The Problem

Chapter Three: Jesus Christ Is The Solution

Chapter Four: Old Testament Or New—Which One Is True

Chapter Five: God Is Good (With Figures!)

Chapter Six: What About Job?

Chapter Seven: The Justice and Judgments of God

Chapter Eight: Consequences of Living in a Fallen World

Chapter Nine: Life is not a Big Puppet Show

Chapter Ten: Keep The Faith

Chapter Eleven: Other Factors in the Spiritual Battle

Chapter Twelve: The Fatherly Discipline of God

Chapter Thirteen: Two Teachers, Two Tests

Chapter Fourteen: God’s Infinite Resourcefulness

Chapter Fifteen: The Redemptive Value of Suffering

Chapter Sixteen: His Strength in our Weakness



Hearing from God. What could be more exciting and important than that? Prophecy is getting a message from God and then delivering that message. This practical book covers many aspects of prophecy, including:

  • What is prophecy?
  • Why does God give prophetic messages?
  • Is prophecy always about the future?
  • Why does some prophecy, like that of Jonah, not come to pass?
  • Can we do anything to help prophecy come to pass?
  • This book also shows from Scripture that Christians can prophesy, and gives practical keys that can and should be used when giving a prophecy. It also gives practical advice for those who are receiving prophecy.

Five appendices cover valuable aspects of prophecy, including the gift ministry of a prophet, false prophets and false prophecies, dreams, how revelation is received, and a list of many prophecies in the Bible.

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Chapter One: Some Basics About Prophecy

Chapter Two: The Conditional Nature of Prophecy

Chapter Three: Who Actually Does the Work?

Chapter Four: The Christian and the Manifestation of Prophecy

Chapter Five: Things to Consider When Receiving a Prophecy

Chapter Six: Things to Know When Giving a Prophecy


The Gift Ministry of a Prophet

False Prophets and False Prophecies


Revelation: What It Is and How It Is Received

Examples of Prophecy in the Bible


This book makes known many of the manners and customs of the people of Palestine. It covers many subjects, including the climate they lived in that affected their daily lives, the clothes they wore, the food they ate, the work that consumed their days, their love and marriage, the birth and raising of children, their funerals and mourning, and more. It helps people understand and enjoy the people of the Bible, and the Bible itself.

Imagine trying to understand modern culture without knowing how we dressed, what we ate, where we lived, and about the jobs that people worked at all day. Under those circumstances it would be easy to misunderstand something we said or did. Yet most people know very little about the daily lives of the thousands of people who fill the pages of the Bible, from Adam and Eve to the Apostle Paul. The Bible becomes much easier to understand, and a much more fun book to read, if we take the time to learn about the manners and customs of the biblical culture. The people of the Bible, and the lessons in it, become alive for us, hold our attention, and make sense.

When Samson said that the Philistines had “plowed with my heifer,” he was not in any way referring to cattle he owned. Just as our culture refers to girls in various ways, including “dolls, babes, chicks,” etc., so in the biblical culture young girls were sometimes referred to as “heifers.” Knowing that fact makes the passage understandable, and more fun to read. There are hundreds of examples in Scripture, where the meaning of a verse is clear if the custom is known. Understanding the manners and customs of the Bible can turn a frustrating session of Bible reading into a fun and meaningful session. Knowing biblical manners and customs can mean the difference between understanding and misunderstanding the Bible.

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Preface, Acknowledgements, Introduction

Chapter One: Climate, Seasons, Scenery, And Weather

  • Climate, Seasons, Months
  • Day and Night, Atmosphere
  • Landscape, Weather Changes

Chapter Two: Shepherds And Peasants

  • Pastoral Life–Shepherds
  • Agricultural Life–Peasants

Chapter Three: Trades And Professions

  • Weaving, Dying and Embroidery
  • Masonry, Carpentry, Metal Work
  • Bakers, Apothecearies, Fishermen
  • Fowlers and Hunters, Day Laborers, Pottery
  • Hewers of Wood and Drawers of Water
  • Tax Gathers, Money Changers
  • Bankers, Merchants

Chapter Four: Food And Clothing

  • Bread, Water, Meat
  • Milk, Vegetables, Fruit
  • Male Dress, Female Dress

Chapter Five: Home And Family Life

  • The Home Life
  • The Family Life

Chapter Six: Social, Political, And Religious Life (part 1)
Chapter Six: Social, Political, And Religious Life (part 2)

  • Eastern Villages, The City
  • Neighborhood, Hospitality, Prosperity
  • Law and Government, Rich and Poor
  • Travel and Transport
  • Medicine and Sickness
  • Education, Religion



The Gift of Holy Spirit: The Power to be Like Christ
The subject of the Holy Spirit is one of the most misunderstood subjects in Christendom. Yet the gift of holy spirit is one of the greatest gifts God has given to mankind. Moses had it, and when he needed help administering the millions of Israelites, God took of the spirit that was upon Moses and gave it to the elders of Israel so they could rule with him. God gave His gift of holy spirit to the Judges of Israel, such as Deborah and Samuel. He gave it to kings such as David and Hezekiah. He gave it to prophets such as Elijah, Isaiah, and Daniel. John the Baptist had holy spirit from birth. Even Jesus was anointed with holy spirit before he started his ministry. Now we can walk in the power of holy spirit. This book will answer such questions as:

What is the difference between Holy Spirit and holy spirit?

Why is “holy spirit” sometimes referred to as “he” and other times referred to as an “it”?

What are the manifestations (sometimes called “gifts”) of holy spirit?

What is speaking in tongues, and why is it valuable for Christians?

What is “slain in the spirit”?

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Acknowledgement – Preface – Introduction.mp3

Chapter 1 – It’s Greek To Me (Why We Use Both Holy Spirit and holy spirit).mp3

Chapter 2 – The Giver and the Gift.mp3

Chapter 3 – Power from on High.mp3

Chapter 4 – God’s Gift of holy spirit.mp3

Chapter 5 – The Messiah and the Gift of Holy Spirit.mp3

Chapter 6 – The Gift of Holy Spirit Today.mp3

Chapter 7 – Your Liquid Asset.mp3

Chapter 8 – Walking in Power (The Manifestations of Holy Spirit).mp3

Chapter 9 – To One…to Another (An Explanation of 1 Corinthians 12 verses 8-10).mp3

Chapter 10 – Speaking in Tongues.mp3

Chapter 11 – Revelation and the Gift of Holy Spirit.mp3

Chapter 12 – Co-Workers with God.mp3

The Appendix A – The Administration of the Sacred Secret.mp3

The Appendix B – Usages of Spirit in the New Testament.mp3

The Appendix C – The Promised Holy Spirit (Holy Spirit in the Millennial Kingdom).mp3

The Appendix D – Reasons Holy Spirit is one of the names of God or the Gift of God.mp3

The Appendix E – Slain in the Spirit.mp3



The Christian’s Hope
What the Bible really says about Death, Judgment, Rewards, Heaven, and the Future Life on a Restored Earth. God originally planned for mankind to live on earth, and His plan, though postponed by sin, will not be thwarted – it will come to pass in the future when a new earth is created. The Christian’s Hope shows from Scripture that each Christian will be rewarded in the coming world in direct proportion to the quality of how he lives for God in this world.

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Acknowledgements – Prayer – Introduction.mp3

Chapter 1 – Our Valuable Anchor.mp3

Chapter 2 – The Hope of Israel.mp3

Chapter 3 – The Christian’s Hope.mp3

Chapter 4 – The Two Future Kingdoms On Earth.mp3

Chapter 5 – The New Body Looking Good and Feeling Fine.mp3

Chapter 6 – Rewards In the Future Kingdoms.mp3

Chapter 7 – The Origin of Orthodoxy.mp3

Chapter 8 – Rebuilding the Hope.mp3

Chapter 9 – Sin Forgiveness and Holiness.mp3

Chapter 10 – Valuing This Life.mp3

Chapter 11 – Concentrate On the Here and Now.mp3

Chapter 12 – Coming Full Circle.mp3

Appendix A – Events Important to Understanding the Hope.mp3

Appendix B – Verses Sometimes Used to Support the Idea That Our Everlasting Future is In Heaven.mp3

Appendix C – The Permanence of Christian Salavtion.mp3

Appendix D – Areas Assigned to the Tribes of Israel.mp3

Appendix E – The Prophetic Perfect.mp3

Appendix F – Understanding Difficult Proverbs.mp3

Appendix G – Does the Lord Judge Now or At the Judgment.mp3

Appendix H – You Must Be Born Again.mp3



Sex & Scripture
The sub-title of this book is “A Biblical Study of Proper Sexual Behavior.” It is not an exaggeration to say that there is no single subject that influences people as profoundly as sex. Topics covered include abstinence, marriage, adultery, prostitution, homosexuality, lust, pornography, masturbation, and boundaries in relationships.

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Chapter 1 – Not Merely Academics.mp3

Chapter 2 – Abstinence, Celibacy, Cohabitation, and Marriage 1 Corinthians 7.mp3

Chapter 3 – Proper and Improper Sexual Behavior.mp3

Chapter 4 – Boundaries in Sexual Relationships.mp3

Chapter 5 – Forgiveness and Healing.mp3


Appendix A – Figurative and Idiomatic Language in the Bible Pertaining to Sex.mp3

Appendix B – Some Commonly Encountered Reasons Why Some Consider Adultery or Fornication Permissible.mp3

Appendix C – Illicit Sex and Demons.mp3



Sub-title: “The History and Doctrine of Christian Baptism.” In this book, John Schoenheit examines the historic roots of baptism, and shows why, by the time of John the Baptist, baptism was an accepted practice in ancient Israel. He also examines the history of baptism in the Church, and shows the reasons why some people believe immersion is the correct method of baptism, while other people believe pouring or sprinkling is the preferred method. Also, he explains that water baptism was symbolic and pointed to a greater reality. Animal sacrifice pointed to the greater reality of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and similarly, the prophets, John the Baptist, and even Jesus, taught that water baptism pointed to the greater reality of baptism in the spirit.

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Acknowledgments and Introduction.mp3

Chapter 1 – Baptism and Baptism in the Holy Spirit.mp3

Chapter 2 – The Meaning of Baptism.mp3

Chapter 3 – Water Baptism as a Symbol.mp3

Chapter 4 – The Historic Roots of Water Baptism.mp3

Chapter 5 – The Baptisms of John and Jesus.mp3

Chapter 6 – From Symbol to Reality.mp3

Chapter 7 – Water Baptism in the Early Church.mp3

Chapter 8 – New Revelation About Baptism.mp3

Chapter 9 – Right Doctrine and Practice.mp3


Appendix A – Understanding Acts 8 – Baptism and Receiving the Holy Spirit.mp3

Appendix B – Baptism and Salvation – Mark 16-16.mp3

Appendix C – The Baptism of Jesus Christ.mp3

Appendix D – Infant Baptism.mp3



Is There Death After Life?
This 112-page book gives biblical answers to the following questions: What is death? Is death a “graduation”? Is death a friend or foe? What is the “soul”? Where are the dead? Why does God use the metaphor of “sleep” to describe death? When will the dead awaken?

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Acknowledgements – Preface – Introduction.mp3

Chapter 1 – Consequences of Believing Satan’s Lie.mp3

Chapter 2 – What is the Soul.mp3

Chapter 3 – What is Death.mp3

Chapter 4 – Where Are the Dead.mp3

Chapter 5 – In What State of Being Are the Dead.mp3

Chapter 6 – When Will the State of Sleep End.mp3

Chapter 7 – Difficult Scriptures Explained.mp3




The Bible – You Can Believe It!
This book is a defense of the accuracy and integrity of the Bible. It examines and refutes many of the most common criticisms that have been raised against the Bible. It shows that the biblical text is reliable and the text can be trusted.

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Acknowledgements – Decication – Introduction.mp3

Chapter 1 (part 1).mp3

Chapter 1 (part 2).mp3

Chapter 1 (part 3).mp3

Chapter 1 (part 4).mp3

Chapter 2 – Conclusion.mp3