The Gift of Grief

by STF

NOTE: This blog was written by the talented and inspired Roberta Dougherty. We are so thankful for her contribution to this blog and pray it is a tremendous blessing to you all. My husband pushes me out the door to walk with him, but I cannot see though my tears without Stella, my other dog, […]

Don’t Tell Me You’ll Pray For Me

by Renee Dugan

Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s talk about the importance of not letting your promise just be a promise or your words just be words. I’m as guilty of this as anyone: after hearing about something someone is going through or hoping for or is in need of guidance about, I tell them I’ll […]

Be Still

by Renee Dugan

Ah, the never-ending, wild race of life. I can smell it from the moment I roll out of bed at 4:30am. It has the tinge of fresh coffee, open windows, and the breath of a hungry cat or three (pleasant). From the time I get up in the morning until 12 hours later when I […]

How Do YOU Identify?

by Renee Dugan

It’s likely happened to each of us at some point in our lives. Upon finding ourselves in a situation that made us uncomfortable in one way or another, we were relieved to see someone else who made us feel safe. Maybe we knew them—maybe we didn’t. But something about them made us think, “Ah! There’s […]

The Dog Who Ate My Gum

by Renee Dugan

I knew something was wrong the moment I walked inside. The distinct lack of our ten-year-old dog, Bay, coming to greet me—that was clue number one. Clue number two came in the form of a packet of gum with several pieces ripped out, lying in the middle of the living room floor. Some bits half-chewed. […]

4 Keys to Reaching People with the Gospel!

by Renee Dugan

Every day we are surrounded by discomfort. Every day we’re faced with the ways the world rejects the precepts of Yahweh and chooses to go down its own path. Every day we’re faced with the commission to make disciples within a world where barriers are already erected against people of faith. Some predispositions are fabricated […]

What’s In A Name?

by Renee Dugan

“Hey, Renee, can you come here for a sec?” I can’t help it. The second my husband says my name, even in such a casual way, I tense up. Hearing him use my full name—not “babe”, not “angel”, not “love” or any of the other pet names I’m used to—makes me feel like a kid […]

Let Them Wander

by Renee Dugan

There’s something so comforting in tradition within the Church. In one generation following the next, and the next, and the next. Tried-and-true creeds, hymns and platitudes passed down from one congregation to the next. Tradition has churned out a good deal of faithful, God-fearing men and women. It’s difficult not to see the value in […]

The Importance of Faith Lived Out

by Renee Dugan

Have you ever met someone, then gotten to know them better only to find yourself surprised to learn that they were a Christian? And I don’t mean in a good way! Jesus had a lot to say about the fruit people bear and about how we show our love for Jesus. There’s a great percentage […]

The World is Our Mission Field

by Renee Dugan

As I write this blog, I sit in my favorite coffee-shop. Not in my usual spot—instead I’m tucked away on one of the older benches, facing the bar counter. Right before me hangs a pair of chalkboards that tells of the charitable organizations this shop gives its tips to. I read the countries on one: […]