By Ray Littlefield

I love the phrase, “Boots on the ground.” We sometimes hear it uttered by our military to assure us that we have troops in place at some hot-spot in the world. It is also used in disaster relief to indicate that a responding agency has arrived on scene. It brings up a vision for me of rescue personnel parachuting into dangerous territory. The rescuers have been properly trained and are awaiting the opportunity; they bring life-saving supplies, and are the only hope for those in danger.

Spiirtually speaking, our fallen world is a constant hot-spot, a disaster in need of relief, a dangerous place. As Christians, we are God’s rescue personnel. Because of the Scripture that God breathed, we “can be complete, furnished completely for every good work.” (2 Tim 3:16-17)   We are looking for opportunities to help bring the life-saving good news of Jesus. We are the only hope for those in danger of perishing.

We are God’s Boots on the Ground!