Ephesians Series

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How To Be An Imitator Of God

by Renee Dugan

Ephesians 5 starts out with a pretty hefty commission: to be imitators of God. You know. YAHWEH GOD. The all-power, perfect Being who created the universe, Who parts seas and keeps burning bushes alive, Who raises the dead and forgives sins, Who is always fair and just, slow to anger and abounding in love. That […]

Jesus Christ & The Plan of Redemption

by Renee Dugan

I often think about how beautiful and deep and rich the story of God’s redemption plan and His purpose for the ages truly is. It can even seem incomprehensible by mortal standards—how many threads had to be woven in. How crucial the steps were. How much was at stake and what had to happen to […]

Armed with the Spirit’s Sword

by Renee Dugan

I grew up around weapons—guns and swords. My brother and I were raised to respect them. I remember being taught over and over again that if you’re going to pick up a weapon, you’d better hold it carefully—and be aware of what it can do, so you can use it well. The Sword of the […]