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What Are The Odds that Jesus is the Messiah?

by Dan Gallagher

There are over 300 specific prophecies concerning the Messiah, the majority of which Jesus fulfilled (some still remain, which he will fulfill when he returns). Below is a short list of just some of the prophecies fulfilled in him:[1]   He was to be of David’s family—2 Sam. 7:12-13; Matt. 1:1 He would be born […]

Messy Church or Stunted Church–it’s our choice!

by Dan Gallagher

An excerpt from the Church blog by Don Turner, Fixingchurch.com A very big impediment to genuine community is that people are a messy bunch. Most, no, actually all of us ,find ourselves, protagonist or antagonist, caught up in an endless stream of conflicts,struggles,illnesses, etc.  Minding your own business and keeping your nose clean is, after […]

The Church of the Messed up People

by Dan Gallagher

I doubt many churches would ever put a banner outside their church that read, “The Church of the Messed Up People.” Last week in our church we talked about how we are all messed up…which is why we needed a Savior. Most Christians understand that, but many don’t accept that it’s really true for them. The […]

Love Thy Neighbor

by Dan Gallagher

Love Your Neighbor By Ray Littlefield I frequently go for morning walks in my neighborhood and usually vary the route to keep it interesting; my housing development connects with many others so this is not difficult. However, there is one street, about a quarter of a mile long, that is marked “Private Road” on one […]

Prudence—Learning to do the next right thing.

by Dan Gallagher

A number of years ago I was in a business meeting during which we were deliberating over a tough situation. In times like that we can have a tendency to let our minds become overloaded with all the possible scenarios and outcomes. Following all the “what ifs” and “maybes” can be like a rabbit zigging […]

How’s Your Memory?

by Dan Gallagher

Have you ever been in a situation where someone accuses you of saying or doing things that you are convinced you never did, or at least not the way someone else is now portraying it? This is the cause of great division and the source of many relationship breakdowns. Most people accept that their memory […]

Learning To Ride A Bike

by Dan Gallagher

Most all children undergo the right of passage of learning to ride a bicycle. It is a big step on their journey of growth and marks a time when they begin to be more coordinated and even independent. After four previously failed attempts, this past week I ran along side my son as he conquered […]

A Biblical Unitarian Navigating through a Trinitarian World

by Dan Gallagher

My wife and I have been committed to providing our children a Christian based education, one that focuses on Christian character with a solid education based on a Christian perspective. This year the private Christian school that our children attended closed, which meant we were faced with the task to find another school. Finding a […]

Start with a “Meet and Greet”

by Dan Gallagher

Although at times change can be hard, it can also be a very good thing. A number of months ago my wife Lori and I pulled up stakes and moved our family back to the West coast. On our trek west I reflected on our situation as we followed the historical Oregon Trail, the route […]

What is a Christian?

by John Schoenheit

A Christian is a person who has been “born again,” and has the holy spirit from God sealed inside him. The moment a person takes Jesus Christ as his Lord, and believes that God raised Jesus from the dead, God creates His own nature inside the person, and he is “saved” (Romans 10:9). God is […]