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GREATEST HITS: Why Should We Seek God First?

by Renee Dugan

When trouble comes or you find yourself in need, how quickly does your heart turn to God? How close is He to the forefront of your thoughts? Is your instinct to turn to people for help, or to Him. I think there are lots of reasons why we may not think to turn to God […]

GREATEST HITS: What Burdens Do You Carry?

by Renee Dugan

A friend once told me a story of two Buddhist monks walking down the road. They reached a river and found a wealthy woman searching for a way to cross without sullying her fine clothes. Being celibate to the point of abstaining from contact with women, the monks were tempted to pass her by; nevertheless, […]

GREATEST HITS: How Important is Independence?

by Renee Dugan

Different generations seem to have different qualities they laud and applaud. In times past it was honesty, integrity, grit, strength; nowadays, it seems the best thing you could ever be is independent. The ability to care for oneself irrespective of the input of others is considered tantamount to achieving nirvana.  According to our modern culture, […]