Listed below are the four fundamental practices that the association members hold in common.

Statement of Character and Conduct

All Association members are expected to live in accordance with the Association’s teachings and the accepted Christian Character and Conduct. All members are responsible for their own choices and actions and agree not to act in a manner unbecoming of a follower of Christ.
Every member commits to:

  • Maintain high Christian ethical and moral values in all their dealings, both personally and professionally.
  • Respect one another’s differences, including differences in temperament, personality, style, gifting, and ministry.
  • Speak in a manner that seeks to edify others, including the Christian body at large.
  • Treat all with love and care, in the manner Jesus demonstrated.

Statement of Financial Stewardship

The essence of godly stewardship is, the use of God-given resources for the accomplishment of God-given goals and objectives. As such, the members of this Association agree to practice godly stewardship in the handling of all finances, property, and other resources they oversee, both within their individual assemblies and collectively. Proper handling shall include transparency and proper accounting for all resources in their control.

Statement of Conflict Resolution

The Bible commands believers to make every effort to live at peace with one another and to resolve disputes with each other (Romans 12:18; Matthew 18:15-20, Pro. 17:9). All Association members agree that any claim or dispute between themselves and this organization, or any of its members, delegates, (including all disputes within their local assemblies), shall be settled according to principles set forth in Scripture. Attempts to settle all disputes shall be made at the local level first, and then at each successive level of biblical oversight before raising it to the next level.

Statement of Accountability

Members acknowledge that the actions of individuals and churches reflect upon, and may have consequences for, those individuals as well as for the Association. The privilege of participation in the Association carries with it particular responsibilities, including the need for members to conduct themselves in a manner so the Association will not be blamed (2 Cor. 6:3). Each Affiliate agrees that the local assembly may make a formal appeal to the Association for assistance in dealing with internal church problems.