Association Membership

Membership in STF-USA is divided into three types. First, any individual who wishes to be a part of the Association may do so. We strongly encourage people who are not connected to a local church to participate in our Association activities and events to achieve the encouragement and support they desire. Secondly, any church that desires to be an Affiliated Church can do so by following our simple application process. And finally, any individuals ordained to ministry by the Association are automatically considered a member of all STF-Int’l church associations, regardless of specific country.

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What is required for our church to become a member of STF-USA?

In order to honor the liberty and individuality of all our members, we have kept the membership requirements simple, limited to just three basic items. The basis of fellowship centers on our perspective of the Scriptures. Thus the first membership item is our sharing common beliefs and practices, which we believe are the essential fundamental understandings of the Age of Grace, as expressed in the “seven One’s” of Ephesians 4. Since this is a “Church” membership we have a requirement concerning congregational size and frequency of meeting, which we set simply at three people who are actually meeting on a regular basis. And finally, as a church association connected to STF-Int’l, we require that the members are faithfully supporting the work of this ministry.

Listed below is a more detailed explanation of these three requirements.

1. Common Beliefs and Practice
The members of the Association come together on the basis of sharing common fundamental Christian beliefs and practices. These include, at a minimum, agreement on the following:

2. Congregational Size and Frequency of Meeting
All STF – USA Affiliated Churches must have a minimum number of active members and be meeting regularly. The intent is not to dictate the manner or frequency of meeting, but to require that the congregation be demonstrating an actual commitment to each other (Hebrews 10:25).

3. Faithfully supporting the work of STF Intl.
As a member of STF-USA, each Affiliated Church agree to pay annual dues for their participation. Additionally, the Elder or Leader of each Affiliate is either an active Partner or Contributor, and is faithfully supporting the work of Spirit & Truth Fellowship.

Join STF-USA as a Church or as an individual.