“Spirit & Truth Fellowship-USA (STF-USA) is an association of individuals and independent self-governing churches that have united for the purpose of mutual support and growth, and to facilitate the planting of new churches, their nurture, and development. This Association is created with the intention of providing a connected church body within the United States of America that supports the global mission of Spirit & Truth Fellowship International, which is Building an Enduring Work of Truth.

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Common Beliefs and Practices

I would like to participate with others
Yes, I would like to participate with others in Spirit & Truth Fellowship-USA (STF-USA) for benefit mutual support, encouragement and growth. I share the vision of STF-USA, Building An Enduring Work of Truth, as well as its purpose, values, beliefs, and practices

Faithfully Supporting the Work of STF Int’l
Yes, we are faithfully supporting the work of STF Int’l.

Liability & Signature
Yes, we are faithfully supporting the work of STF Int’l.We understand and accept that STF-USA is not liable for the acts of any of its members or participants in the Association, whether individuals, Church Affiliates, or those ordained by STF-USA.

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