Does STF-USA monitor, oversee, or control the activities of its members?

No. STF-USA is a church association and as such it has no authority or responsibility to oversee or direct any of its members. All member churches govern themselves and they alone are responsible for their internal church affairs. STF-USA aims to provide resources that will assist each church in doing what they are called to do in their local area.

How large of a congregation must we have to be an Affiliated Church with STF-USA?

Since it is our desire to be as inclusive as possible, we merely require that a “church” consist of at least three people who meet on a regular basis. We do not dictate how often they meet, or what they do while meeting. Since each affiliated church is a voting member, voting on the leadership and other matters, we merely want to ensure that anyone who indicates they are running a church is actually doing so.

What limitations or control does STF-USA place on doctrine?

Any church that joins indicates that they are in agreement with the Statement of Fundamental Faiths and the Statement of Character and Conduct. We do not require that members be in complete agreement with all the doctrinal positions of STF-Int’l, rather just the seven ones of Ephesians 4:4 (One God, One Lord, One faith, One hope, One spirit, One baptism, and One body), which we consider to be essential to guarding the “unity of the spirit.” STF-USA churches support the vision of STF-Int’l, which is to seek the truth without respect to tradition, “orthodoxy,” or popular trends and teachings.

If I become a member of STF-USA, am I limited in my involvement with other ministries or organizations?

No, absolutely not. First, understand that there is no such thing as an “STF Church/Fellowship.” All congregations are independent and self-governing. There is no requirement for allegiance to STF-USA in the sense that you are restricted from participating with any other ministry, group.

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