What is STF-USA?

“Spirit & Truth Fellowship-USA (STF-USA) is an association of individuals and independent self-governing churches that have united for the purpose of mutual support and growth, and to facilitate the planting of new churches, their nurture, and development. This Association is created with the intention of providing a connected church body within the United States of America that supports the global mission of Spirit & Truth Fellowship International, which is Building an Enduring Work of Truth.

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By uniting fellowships across geographic boundaries, we hope that individuals connected to STF-USA will become better equipped to fulfill Ephesians 4:1-3, “to live a life worthy of our calling and to bear with one another in love and make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace.”

What is the purpose of STF-USA?

While STF- Int’l focuses on activities that generally feed the local church (research, teaching, publishing, Internet sites, etc.), the members of STF-USA concentrate their efforts on things that are directly related to church activities in the local areas.

There are over fifty times in the New Testament where God directs us specifically on how to act towards “one-another.” Not only are we told to meet with each other, but we are also instructed to submit, instruct, bear with, forgive, encourage, and have equal concern for one another. Clearly it is impossible for believers to fulfill these obligations towards one another if they are not in relation with each other. STF-USA provides a very tangible way for like-minded believers to find one another, fellowship with others, and support each other.

We come together on the basis of our common vision, purpose, values, beliefs, and practices. As we do this, we share great joy and encouragement through our genuine unity.

Psalm 133:1
How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!

Philippians 2:2
…make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose.

What functions does STF-USA perform?

The primary function of STF-USA and its individual members is to “make disciples” in obedience to Jesus’ command of Matt 28:19. Although STF-International provides wonderful teaching resources, the majority of this person-to-person work must be done on a daily basis in the local church. For this reason, STF-USA places its focus and efforts on all “church” related issues such as these:

  • Church planting, development, and support.
  • Discipleship training programs
  • Evangelism programs
  • Pastoral care and counseling
  • Leadership development and equipping programs
  • Compassion programs
  • Youth Programs
  • National and Area Events

What are some of the benefits STF-USA hopes to provide?

  1. Builds a greater sense of unity, and creates greater cohesion and camaraderie among individually self-governed churches that share common doctrine and practice.
  2. Opens the door for participation in nation-wide programs such as such as evangelism, mission work, Christian education, discipleship, mercy giving, worship, and intercession.
  3. Provides greater exposure and access for individual gifts and callings.
  4. Provides a mechanism for people to be mentored by others with similar gifts and callings.
  5. Access to the wisdom of “safety in a multitude of counselors” by connecting directly to others who are involved in all the challenges of church administration.
  6. Increased connection to the greater Body of Christ.
  7. Develops a clear outlet and programs for those desiring to serve others, including ordination.
  8. Helps individual churches by providing a sense of an ecclesiastical connection to the Body.

Join STF-USA as a Church or as an individual.