Scientists recently discovered that DNA and the code it contains is even more complex than was ever imagined.  In fact, it is so complex that they now realize it actually contains two codes, one written right on top of the other, which explains why they missed it for over 40 years. The complexity and intricacy of the codes gives clear evidence of an intelligence that must be behind it, and yet they still can say “these two meanings [codes] seem to have evolved in concert with each other.” Evolved? Really, two codes, both independent of each other and yet they interact with each other with such perfect precision that they direct the construction of proteins and genes to form complex creatures?

The same reason behind it is why someone can look at a cretaceous rock, that they say is millions of years old, and yet it has an iron hammer with a wooden handle imbedded in it, and we don’t have just one example of this but many. Simple logic tells us that their dating methods and their understanding of the processes involved in rock formation, and life itself, are wrong. After all, how can an object made by humans exist before humans existed? hmmmm…maybe they didn’t think of that.

Their blindness can only be explained by one thing, arrogance. “The pride of your heart has deceived you” (Obadiah 1:3).