I love my job! It’s not that everything I do is fun, because that certainly isn’t the case, but I love the variety of tasks I am faced with every day. With coffee in hand, I fire up my computer and see what awaits me. I spend almost my whole day in front of the computer screen with my fingers flying across the keyboard as I do behind-the-scenes work on three websites, respond to questions that have been submitted, and write a blog or some other piece for publication.

This morning was like most others:

  • Catch up on email—check!
  • Instant message various office staff—check!
  • Review social media comments and questions—check!
  • Answer website questions…

While checking the many pending comments and questions on the website, it hit me. I had this image of me being a type of “Dear Abby” for our websites. For those who have never heard of her, “Dear Abby” is a syndicated newspaper column where people seek Abby’s answers for various life issues they are facing—everything from spousal spats and family problems to job stresses and life goals. I love to read Dear Abby, which I do almost every day— not because she has such great wisdom (though she often does), but because I’m usually entertained by the fact that some even had to ask the question.

My vision of me as a “Dear Abby” type of figure had nothing to do with the kinds of questions people have submitted. I really think that any question is worth asking when people are genuinely struggling to understand something, or facing a serious life decision. What I realized is that from time to time, we all need “Dear Abby” people in our lives. People we can turn to to help us sort out our thinking; people who are unbiased and can help us discern the best path to navigate through fights, insecurities, stress, and tribulations. These are the the “iron sharpening iron” kind of people that God wants us to have in our lives.

So, if you are someone who reads our websites, our many articles and blogs, and you feel you need a little help with something—then keep those questions coming! I may not always have the answer, but I will certainly do my best to help.