Historically the tactic of divide and conquer is one of the most effective military strategies a commander can have in his arsenal of moves. Typically this is used when an inferior fighting force confronts a superior foe. The idea is really quite simple. It works by breaking up the power of the superior force into smaller groups who are then less effective and something that then can be individually defeated. Divide the enemies forces enough and you can then conquer them.

It is no surprise that the Devil and his minions love to use this method in their war against the Body of Christ. There are now more than 2 billion Christians in the world today, reportedly as much as 32% of the world’s population. Given these significant numbers it seems we should see some real spiritual power demonstrated and the Adversary on the run. In spite of the spiritual impact God’s people are having, unfortunately we are not seeing our full potential unleashed in this world. I can’t help but wonder what things could look like if the Body of Christ were not fractured into the more than 41,000 denominations we have worldwide.

It is pitiful state of affairs that these splits are over doctrinal differences and faith practices, but it’s even sadder that in many cases splits have occurred where there are even no doctrinal disparities. In other words in those cases where there are not significant doctrinal differences, it is the result of Christians simply being unable to get along with others.

I’m disappointed to say that I have been through a number of church splits and in every case pride was a significant contributing factor (including me). The next time you think the answer to your conflict with others is to walk away, stop and ask yourself, “Who is the real winner here?” Yes, there is a struggle of flesh against flesh, but the real enemy behind the breakdown is spiritual. Until we all learn to take a big gulp and swallow our pride, extend forgiveness where needed, and ask for it for ourselves when necessary, the enemy will continue to divide and conquer.