Event Itinerary:

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Event Description:
This is a 14-day pilgrimage to Israel with many points of emphasis. We have designed this trip to help you better understand the Bible; deepen your personal relationship with the Lord; introduce you to the culture and cuisine in Israel, and introduce you to new friends. There will be teachings on the Bible and the history and archaeology of Israel at every site. We will go to well-known sites as well as some not-so-well-known ones, and will see some of the recent archaeological work that is being done to uncover the history and culture of the Bible. We also try to make sure the tour gives people a real “hands-on” experience of Israel, and so there will be opportunities to swim in the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea and walk on the land.

More than “just a tour,” we want this trip to be a “pilgrimage,” that is, a time to go deep with the Lord and connect with him in the heart as well as the mind. Our desire is that pilgrims on this tour grow in their knowledge of the Bible, but also in their personal relationship and commitment to God and the Lord Jesus. This will be a time to gain significant personal insights, acquire and clarify one’s personal vision and goals, and get answers to prayer.

Dates and Times:
September 22, 2018 – October 5, 2018.

The exact cost of the tour is still being developed. It will be no more than $4,500 per person but could be less. More exact costs will be provided shortly. This will include travel to and from Israel, all entry fees and tips, and breakfast and dinner. It will not include travel to the city in the USA we fly out of and back to (likely JFK in NY), or lunches. It also does not include any extras such as snacks, alcohol at meals, and souvenirs.  

A proposed itinerary of the sites we will visit can be requested from STF. However, it often happens in Israel that itineraries get changed for many different reasons.

Hotel accommodations:
The cost of the tour is based on double-occupancy hotel accommodations (two people to a room). A “single supplement” is available at an increased rate for people who wish to have their own room.  That price will be made available when we have it, likely by late Spring of 2018.

Part of the wonderful experience of this tour is that we walk through the archaeological sites and walk the places that people in the Bible walked. No one needs to be an Olympic runner to enjoy this tour, but people on the tour should be comfortable walking.

How to Register:
If you are interested in joining us for the 2018 Bible Lands Tour, contact John Schoenheit: Phone: 888-255-6189  Email: [email protected]