A Celebration of Resurrection Sunday

Resurrection Sunday, March 27, 2016, the saints of Indianapolis will be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. This will be a wonderful time that will include an inspirational teaching (John Schoenheit), fellowshipping, prayer and worship, and a community meal.

Traditionally the cross has been a symbol of the death of Christ, however, to celebrate that Jesus conquered death when God raised him from the grave, the service will include a time when we will decorate the cross with flowers.

All are welcome so please come and bring a friend.

Location: 550 Polk Street, Greenwood, In 46143

Time: 10:30AM

Meal: A Pitch-in dinner will immediately follow the service. The main course will be provided and we are asking that everyone please bring a favorite dish, desert, or drink to share.

Housing: If you are coming from out of town and need help locating accommodations, please contact Jenivee Schoenheit 317-258-0995  or email  [email protected]

For any questions: contact Rita McCormick at:
Home: 317-536-5788
Cell: 812-371-1290
Email Rita McCormick at [email protected]