Event Description:
We are blessed to announce special Indianapolis Fellowship Party on March 1st, 2015. This will be a Middle Eastern costume party featuring a teaching/sharing by John Schoenheit, with Hebrew dance and song. This is open to anyone who would like to learn more about the Jewish and Middle Eastern cultures and Bible land stores. We are also encouraging people to bring a middle-eastern food dish for all to enjoy.

No RSVP is necessary, but a monthly reminder will be sent your way each month if you provide your email address to Rita McCormick at [email protected]

2741 Del Prado Dr Indianapolis IN 46227
Casa Del Prado Condominiums

It is just north of Greenwood near Madison Ave. and Stop 12 (that is a street name), at the Casa Del Prado Condominiums (directly behind Fazoli’s Restaurant).

If you have any questions please contact Rita or Joe McCormick
Home: 317-536-5788  Cell: 812-371-1290
Email Rita McCormick at [email protected]