My daily habit is that I am usually in my office working at my computer early in the morning before of the kids get up. With my back to the door, they love to try to sneak up on me with the hope of surprising me from behind. After months of failed attempts, they have become quite frustrated as I swing around in my chair and catch them, oftentimes just before they pounce.

What thee haven’t figured out is that I can see their reflection in the computer screen or hear them as they step. Caught once again this morning they exclaimed, “How do you always catch us?” Without thinking I said, “It’s because I have eyes in the back of my head!” I explained that when a person becomes a parent that God helps them grow eyes in the back of their heads, which is so parents can prevent their children from having fun or getting into trouble. That then set off a fun filled morning of them attempting to see my “dorsal caput oculi,” (my sad attempt at Latin for “rear head eyes”). They all knew it wasn’t true but they did have a sense that maybe there was something to my statement.

Our heavenly Father doesn’t have eyes in the back of His head either. Instead of eyes on His backside, He always has His eyes on our backs because He loves and cares for us, and is always watching out for us. When times are tough, or if you are lonely, tired, or feeling beat down, remember that He cares for you. Nothing you do is ever a surprise to Him, and He has accepted you fully knowing who you really are.