Some of the most inspirational stories in Christianity tell of men and women who have braved many dangers to bring the Gospel to those in foreign lands. The very first seeds of Christianity we spread by the missionary work of the Christ’s followers, first to Samaria and then to much of the world. Christianity has a long tradition of evangelism and mission work starting with the Apostles, Paul, Titus, Barnabas and others, and it has endured right to the present day.

But also we need to remember that we do not need to go to the jungles of Africa, the mountains of Burma, or the any of remotest parts of the world to find our own mission field. There are people in our own communities every where throughout the world, in every nation and every culture who are hungering for the truth of Christ and in dire need of the salvation message.  Every day when we leave the comfort of our homes or pull our cars out of the church parking lot we should remind ourselves that, “We are now entering the mission field!”