One of the most visceral cries of the human spirit is to be heard and understood. Unfortunately, there are so many things that act as barriers between us and other people—miscommunication, misrepresentation, past hurts, the fear of rejection, the fear of being misunderstood, and on and on. We may not bring our honest selves to a relationship because we are afraid of being mocked, misjudged, rejected, or abandoned. These fears can stem from a number of places, anywhere from unrecognized doubts to past experiences that had unfavorable outcomes. But when it comes down to it, connecting with others is hard!

Nevertheless…connection is why we were created.


Creatures Made for Relationship

In the very beginning of time as we know it, God created human beings because He desired a family of freewill beings, made in His image, with whom he could deeply and freely fellowship. That means that, like our Creator, we are made to connect. Whether introverted or extroverted, when it comes down to it, we all need relationship—healthy relationship. Mutual, honest, and full-sharing, like what Jesus’ followers experienced with him and each other.

We also need this kind of relationship with God. Unfortunately, this can be very hard to enter into, for a lot of people.


The Fear of Being Seen

As we more deeply grasp the magnitude of our great and awesome God, we find there are  elements of reverence, awe, and maybe even a little fear that come along with it. If being in honest, truthful relationships with our fellow flawed humans is so intimidating, it’s hard to even imagine having open, full-sharing with our flawless Heavenly Father. But that is exactly what He desires to cultivate with us.

I have known many people (and have even been this way myself) who have embraced the idea of a relationship with God, but have then tried to keep certain parts of themselves out of the equation. They haven’t wanted to show Him their broken parts, for a host of reasons—many of them the same ones described above, which inhibit our interactions with humans, too! But if we’re really honest with ourselves, we must recognize that we can’t keep the ugliest parts of ourselves out of God’s sight. He sees all. And yet He still wants to be in relationship with us—powerful, transformative, life-altering relationship!


You Cannot Surprise God

Think about that heading. Really let it soak in. You cannot surprise God. He already gets you—your best and worst qualities. At your proudest and your most humble. Your angriest and calmest. Your most sinful and most righteous moments are both before His eyes. You cannot surprise Him with any of your brokenness or uprightness. So what God is asking of us is to enter into a relationship where we don’t try to hide, because there is nothing we can hide. Our illusions are already stripped off, the darkness is exposed before we ever step into His presence and His light. That’s it. There’s no need for posturing, false piety, or imitation with Him.

Many people have someone they would consider their “best friend”—someone they feel comfortable exposing their deepest heart to. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I want you to really, deeply realize that God is that “someone” for every Christian. Not only does He know us, but He made us. He loved us before we even chose to accept His offer for eternal life and enter into relationship with Him and His Son.



God is not holding you at arm’s length. He is not shocked by your lowest lows. He welcomes you at your worst, and through Christ there is the opportunity for that “worst” to be transformed into your “best.” Just reach out and take the hand of the One who gets you at your deepest, most intimate core level…and let the relationship, the healing, the transformation, and the next step of the journey begin!