Oftentimes when we think of love we relate to it as something that is soft and kind, kind of like a gentle down pillow, soft to the touch and calling out to you, “Come and hug me!” Although God’s love may at times be like that, it also has a very aggressive and powerful side to it.

When I describe God’s love as aggressive, what I am referring to is that it is the type of love that is relentless, it never gives up, and it is insistent in its pursuit of the heart of others. This is such a strong type of love that it can be rejected an infinite amount of times and yet it will always remain. It is always available to us no matter what we do or don’t do. God’s love is absolutely complete and it cannot be hindered, hampered, limited or controlled.

Like the shock wave that radiates out from a bomb blast, when the love of God explodes on the scene, it will produce shock and awe for those who see it, or even just hear about it. It is the kind of love that seeks forgiveness for those who persecute you. It is always focused on giving—never getting, and the needs of others instead of my own needs.

When it comes to loving people, let’s be as aggressive as God is in demonstrating His love because it is that kind of love that will draw people to Him.