The following was submitted by John Sandt, a longtime supporter and volunteer of STF.

“Fake news”, it’s become the new media buzz word but in reality it’s as old as dirt.  Years ago they called it deception and lying.  Now-a-days they spin it, repackage it, make it politically correct, rename it and do a number of other things to the news. When you get right down to it though, if you twist or alter the truth, it’s still lying.  Like I said it’s nothing new and it goes all the way back to the beginning with the serpent in Genesis.

The media often uses undisclosed sources, anonymous sources and confidential sources to report the news. And while I do understand the need at times to protect information sources, it can also provide the media with a license to lie or spin the truth.  Even in everyday conversation, people will preface a statement using the phrase, “they say that…”  Why?  Because they’re not sure about something and can’t really verify it or they might want to believe it or have you believe it without any substantial proof.

Why do people lie?  Usually it’s to gain an advantage or power over people or situations. So how do we catch the lie and verify the truth?  First, don’t rush to judgment.  Get as many different sources as possible and weight them all before coming to a conclusion.  Secondly, if possible verify the source itself.  If you’re hearing facts and information from a source of questionable intelligence, wisdom or character, be aware.  Finally, put all the data together and see if it’s logical, makes sense and lines up with the truth you already know.

Now let’s look at the most important example of searching out truth.  It’s the most important story of all time because it does or will affect every human being who’s ever lived.  It’s the “Good News” of the gospel of Jesus Christ and it concerns His life, death, resurrection, and ascension.  Why would His disciples and followers lie about His resurrection?  What advantage or power would lying give them?  Absolutely none!  They were already on the fringe of the Jewish religion and society just for having followed Him.  Then proclaiming that the He was alive when the whole world saw Him die really must have looked like “fake news”.  So why did they do it?  Why did they say that He rose from the dead?  They KNEW it was true!  They’d seen Him, talked with Him, ate with Him and continued to follow Him.  After His ascension, even those who hadn’t ever personally seen Him were also able to proclaim the “Good News” of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  After Pentecost when they believed, they were filled with the promised “holy spirit” and manifested the power of His resurrection in their lives.

There is over whelming evidence confirming the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ, but still there are some people who say that none of the gospel stories can be verified today.  They say that this Jesus Christ could have been a master magician and manipulator, and the apostles stories could all be just one far-fetched conspiracy theory.  Those people are free to believe that and to state their opinion, but because they don’t or won’t put forth the effort in finding the truth, they are in reality spreading “fake news”.  And does anybody in their right mind really want to believe “fake news” about the most important news story of all time?