The following was provided by Dean Barnes, a member of STF-USA from Toledo, Ohio.

There is significant biblical research, along with historical evidence that indicates that the birth of Jesus happened on a very special day on the Hebrew calendar…TISHRI 1, in 3 B.C., ‘The Day of Trumpets!’ Hebrew days began and ended at sunset, and this day corresponded with our Wednesday evening on September 11th in 3 B.C. What this means is that today, September 11th, is the actual birthday of Jesus.

Many scholars recognize that the birth of Jesus Christ, as tradition holds, could not have occurred on December 25th. Instead it had to be time when the shepherds would have had their flocks in the fields grazing after the harvest and before the cold of winter set in.  Around the time of December 25th there is some significance, however, because at this time of the year, in 2 B.C., Eastern Magi, after having observed ‘his star’ as it rose in the eastern horizon, they came to Jerusalem from Persia in large caravans in search of a Judean toddler-King (now 15 months old) to pay him homage. These Magi were Gentiles, but they had been taught by their ancestors through the centuries that there would be a ‘King’ born who would be the Savior of the world, and that he would be a Judean King. These Magi were men of great integrity, who took great risks to travel hundreds of miles across the desert to see this ‘King’ and to honor him.   After inquiring from Herod, this ‘King’ was found by the Magi in Bethlehem.   And there they presented him with the appropriate gifts for a King…gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Jesus fulfilled his earthly ministry, endeavoring to lead people to his Father (God), sacrificed his precious life on the cross to bear the sins of all Mankind. Three days later he was raised out from among the dead, showed himself alive to his followers for forty days. Then he ascended into heaven at the ‘right-hand’ of God, his Father.

This same ‘King Jesus’ will soon rapture all Christians (those who have confessed him as ‘Lord’ and believed in their heart that God raised him out from among the dead…Romans 10:9).   After this, all the prophecies in the Book of Revelation will come to pass in the order that God’s Word has set them.