There are a lot of things we can live without, but we can’t live without a head.

Unless you’re fighting a hydra, the general consensus in battle is that the head is a pretty good target to aim for. It’s one of the surest ways to incapacitate your opponent. You don’t even have to knock their head clean off—just a good hard blow can be enough to put someone out of commission.  Warriors have known this for centuries, and that’s why a headguard or helmet of some fashion has been a staple of armor sets for armies across empires, regimes, kingdoms, and dynasties for thousands of years.

Every warrior knows the crippling power of a blow to the head.

This is true both physically and in the mental sense; when we take a blow to the head in the spiritual fight, it can take us down for far too long. While we struggle to shake the stars from our eyes and stand back up, precious ground could be lost. Or we could sustain worse injuries while we’re too weak to defend ourselves.

And make no mistake—the enemy knows this. Head-blows are one of his cruel specialties. He will do everything in his capacity to catch you without a helmet on and land a blow that will render you incapacitated in the fight. And one of the strongest weapons in his arsenal is doubt—the kind of doubt that rattles our heads so much, we take ourselves out of the fight.

This is why the helmet of salvation is crucial. More crucial than any headguard in any armor set that’s ever been made by mortal hands.

Listen. We are never more protected than when we understand the truth of our salvation. Because when we know the power we have through accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior, and when we know the future that’s promised to us, it takes power out of the enemy’s swings.

Sure, he can land a few blows here and there, but in the grand scheme of things, they lose their vigor. What’s a knock to the skull next to eternal life? What’s a nasty threat or a harsh lie when we have the power of holy spirit within us? What is he? What is he next to the glory of all that God is, all that He has been, all He will continue to be?

The helmet of salvation guards our minds and allows us to see the battle for what it is: not our end, but our on-the-way. Not our everything, but our for-now. And no matter how bloody and difficult the trenches get, through the sacrifice of Christ we are promised to see the other side. Knowing the saving power of our God and the hope of our redeemed future allows us to keep our minds sharp, focused, and ready for the fight, not distracted by the troubles and tribulations of this life.

Lash on the truth. Strap on the righteousness. Plant your feet. Raise your shield. Fasten your helmet.