The following article was written by Renee Dugan, a full time staff member of Spirit & Truth Fellowship Int’l.

In the early winter of 2017, my home state of Indiana experienced one of the longest stretches of overcast weather in recent memory. For weeks on end, nothing but dreary skies crowded our heads. Any hint of clarity above came between thick banks of clouds like a magician’s sly wink, an “Ah-ha, gotcha!” before the murkiness resumed. It became a coping mechanism of my family to joke about the sun like it was some long-lost artifact of a bygone, happier age.

“What’s the sun? Isn’t it that huge, glowing ball that legend tells once lived in the sky? Yes, I seem to recall the stories about it…tales from long, long ago…”

Despite our bad jabs at humor, we never actually doubted that the sun was up there. The proof of its existence remained in the fact that it went from “pitch black” to “tolerably murky” every morning. Even if 7 a.m. still looked like midnight, and the 8 a.m. sunrise like the 5 p.m. sunset, we knew the sun was out there, planning to peak.

Cloudy days come and go; sometimes when the sun is high in the sky, it’s hidden behind the shadows of our personal struggles. The deep darkness of life can come upon us without warning. In those times, it’s often difficult to see the sun for the clouds…to remember that even in those times of hardship, God is still present. But just as we never doubt that the sun is rising and falling behind the slip of the shade, we’re charged in our faith to never doubt that God, too, is working behind the veil, warming and growing the world, taking an active role in our lives even when we don’t see His hand at play. It’s out there. It’s still happening.

When the cloudy days come—and they always do—nothing is more challenging than the fight to keep our eyes and minds fixed on the hope and promise of a Father who hasn’t abandoned us. But no matter how cloudy grow the skies, we should always work hard to guard and maintain our trust. Even when things seem hopeless, without a hint of sunlight in sight, we have a promise of a God who will never leave us or forsake us; thus, we know that the clouds will eventually pass on. And we know that if we continue to strive forward through life’s shadows, keeping our gazes fixed ahead, we will catch a wink from above…the reassuring smile of our Heavenly Father, at work behind the scenes, reminding us in His perfect way that we will reach the light. He is with us, no matter the darkness.

The clouds will pass. And then we see the sun.