We will never know the true answer to the question, “How good am I doing at following Jesus?” if we are not using the correct standards to measure our effectiveness. Jesus summarized the measuring concept in a masterful way when he said, “a tree is recognized by its fruit” (Matt. 12:33). But we must remember that when it comes to people, there are many different types of fruit trees and they can all have “good” fruit.  We are not to fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others, as doing so would be like a pear tree being upset that its fruit didn’t taste like an apple tree’s. Measuring ourselves by using others as the standard can lead us in two sinful directions: inadequacy on the one hand or self-righteousness on the other.  When comparison with others persists long enough it oftentimes gives way to envy or contempt and they always lead to division. We are only to measure ourselves against ourselves, the standard being, “Am I doing my best?”