So, fellow Christian, you want to change the world?

AWESOME! Me too! I think we should all want to do this—considering the power of the truth we carry and the great commission to make disciples of all nations! Difficult to do that without changing some things, right?

But where to even start? When you have all this knowledge and all these people to reach with it, what’s the first move? Well, that’s what this blog is here to help you with! In just five steps, you can utterly change the world and reach countless people with the Good News!

Here it goes!

Step One: Love the Lord Your God with All Your Heart, Soul, Mind & Strength

Step Two: Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

Step Three: Love Your Spouse (If Applicable)

Step Four: Love Your Children (If Applicable)

Step Five: Treat Others As You Want to be Treated

Go back and read that list.

Cool, now reread it.

I never said they were easy steps! Neither did Jesus when he commissioned us to do them. But while we may never change the world the way Jesus himself did—in that most of our lives won’t be a fulcrum of history, if history even remembers us in a few centuries—there is still undeniable power in living the love of Christ toward the person next to you. To the people under your roof. In putting God first and treating others with the love of Jesus.

Changing the world doesn’t always happen with a splash. It’s ripple after ripple as we cast out the stones of love. If you’re the only person to treat someone else with godly love, you may be the reason they’re inspired to treat their spouse with love, which may be the reason the spouse does something kind for their children, each of whom does something loving for a friend at school—

Do you want to change the world? Love as Jesus loved, not as the world loves. Tear down walls. Unite, don’t divide. Invest in God and people with your whole heart.

That’s how you change the world.

It’s that simple. It’s that difficult. It’s that powerful.