Adapted from the REV Commentary by Renee Dugan, STF full-time staff member

Any parent with lots of children knows that each child is loved. However, if one child is rebellious and another one is helpful and obedient, the parents will often do things and extend themselves a little more for the obedient child than they will for the rebellious child. That is the case with God. Everyone gets some grace from God, but those who humble themselves before him get special grace, special help from God, that rebellious people just do not get. That is what this verse says, and the statement is repeated for emphasis 1 Peter 5:5.

We see the principle of God giving special grace to those who are humble all through the Bible. People who dedicate themselves to God get blessings in ways that people who do not serve God ever get. A good example is Daniel, who dedicated himself to God throughout his life. He was blessed with the visitation of an angel, who addressed him by saying, “O Daniel, man greatly loved,” (Dan. 10:11). The Bible even makes the point that Jesus himself was heard by God “because of his reverent submission” (Heb. 5:7; see commentary there). If we want our prayers answered consistently, we must become reverently submissive to the will of God, like Jesus was.

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