To our wonderful and God-loved readers,

We hope that you have been blessed by the weekly blogs that STF publishes here! Our goal has always been to help people connect to Christ so that they can genuinely know him and manifest him and his love to others, and we have found that one of the best ways to do this is with these personal faith lessons from everyday life!

All of this work is made possible by the financial support of those who sow into Spirit & Truth Fellowship; this has enabled us to literally reach and help millions of people who are genuinely searching for answers concerning life and faith in Christ. Without their help, we could not do all that we are doing or have the global impact that we witness day to day.

Seeing all the work Spirit & Truth Fellowship does, many could assume that we must be doing well financially. Our goal has always been to wisely steward all the resources we have and the funds we receive, and to operate within our means. However, the truth is that our revenues have actually been falling short of supporting the work we are doing.

As income has declined over the past few years, we have scrutinized every area of our operations, making decisions to streamline and economize the best we could—including switching to a web-based quarterly magazine, reducing our office equipment, and making cuts in many other areas. The final expense cut we can make is a personnel cut. Since we only have seven full-time employees, this will seriously impact our ability to do what we have so successfully done for so many years.

Of course, in addition to cutting costs, the other solution to this situation is for us to look for ways to increase our income. Ultimately, the Lord is the one to whom we look for our support, but we also know that he does so through the generous support of people like you who have benefited from the many services we offer. If this ministry has been a blessing to you and has helped to enrich your spiritual journey and relationship with the Lord, then we would like to ask that you deeply consider giving in response to that blessing.

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Most importantly, we know this is a spiritual work, so we thank you for your prayers and intercession on our behalf.  Stay tuned for many more blogs, videos, events, and teachings to come!

The Board and Staff of STF.

Gary, Karen, John T., Dave, John S., Dan, Ryan, Dustin, Janet, Renee, Jerry, & Chance