I often think about how beautiful and deep and rich the story of God’s redemption plan and His purpose for the ages truly is. It can even seem incomprehensible by mortal standards—how many threads had to be woven in. How crucial the steps were. How much was at stake and what had to happen to bring about the salvation of mankind.

I love the Book of Ephesians in part because it lays out the history of mankind’s fallen state, the change from darkness to light for those who believe, and the commission for the redeemed going forward. There was purpose in this great plan for unity and the creation of one entity, the Body of Christ—erasing the division between Jew and Gentile—to which even Jesus himself wasn’t privy until after his resurrection!

And yet, even not comprehending the entirety of God’s purposes, Jesus trusted his Father enough to lay down his life to see that plan fulfilled.

With Resurrection Sunday near on the horizon, I find myself reading and thinking a lot about Jesus, trying to really comprehend what he went through mentally, physically, and spiritually in the days leading up to his death. Having comprehended more deeply than even his closest friends the agony and torture he would endure, he had to have so much faith in the validity and power of God’s plan in order to go through with it. To drink from that cup he didn’t want, his trust in his Father’s wise purposes had to be unshakeable. And to dance in step with God, who even then kept the broader scope of the Gentiles’ part in the plan of redemption safeguarded in Himself, Jesus had to trust that in everything he knew and everything he didn’t know, God was faithful.

The need for redemption, the call for a savior, the sacrifice he made—all of this rose to a crescendo in the life of Jesus Christ. In his perfect model of trust and love.

How important is God’s purpose for the ages? How magnificent are His plans? How important is the peace and redemption brought about by His will?

Our Lord thought it was worth dying for.

So as the time comes to celebrate his resurrection, I hope you’ll also join me in celebrating the great purposes of God of which he, and we, are all part. This great symphony of the ages, which unites us as one; with Jesus Christ as our head, who modeled the way of sacrificial love and trust, in fulfilling his part in God’s purpose for the ages.