For a number of years my blood tests have indicated that I have high cholesterol. Cholesterol is a very important for the body because it is used in most body tissues but too much of it flowing around in your blood is thought to cause a number of health issues. I like to think that mine is the result of my genetics since my dad and many of my siblings also have it. But, as my wife is quick to remind me, when I eat properly and exercise regularly the levels fall into the the “healthy” range.

One of the ways doctors try to get peoples cholesterol levels lower is by prescribing statins, a drug that blocks an enzyme in the liver that is responsible for making cholesterol. Modern medicine relies a lot on the use of “blockers” to treat a number of aliments. Like a statin, there are also “beta blockers, which are used to control heart rhythm and reduce high blood pressure. These are some real benefits but there can also cause some serious side effects.

Blockers can be a good or bad thing. As I was reflecting on the idea of medical blockers, I realized that there are also spiritual blockers, things that get in the way of me enjoying the things that God wants me to have. For instance, God desires us to have peace and joy, but there are times when blockers prevent me from doing that.

Joy is not a constant feeling of happiness or giddiness, but instead it is the deeper inner feeling of gladness, a contentment that is not dependent upon my immediate external circumstances. It is a deep feeling of optimism that comes from our my connection to God and His plans and purposes for me. Joy is essential for giving us the inner strength necessary to endure difficult times. Unfortunately, we often times don’t experience joy to the degree we can, and should, because things in our lives block us from it.

God tells us that there is joy in His presence (Ps 21:6) and that His Word gives us joy (Ps 19:8). There is also joy by being connected to others (Phil 2:1-5) and connected to His plans and purposes. A joy blocker is anything that gets in our path and prevents mehaving the fullness of joy available to me.

If you are finding a lack of joy in your life and want to have more, then check the following three areas to identify the joy blocker and then take action to remove it.

Staying connected:

  • To God because there is joy in His presence.
  • To God’s plans and purposes.
  • To others in the Body of Christ.

As a friend of mine so wisely said, “Joy is peace dancing, and peace is joy at rest.” DO what ever you need to to find and eliminate your joy blockers.