From the time we are small children we internalize that it is our job to make those around us happy, but this is really not true or healthy. Sadly, oftentimes this results in many adults who really struggle when their actions cause others to be unhappy. Some people have such a difficult time with this that they often do things they really don’t want to do, or even shouldn’t do, just because of the pressure to not displease others.

We should work to get along with others, especially those whose goals and efforts align with ours, and those are the people that we want to please. But there are many others who are very unhealthy, possibly even harmful for us. These are people whose actions are not in our best interests. It’s those kinds of people that we need to learn to be comfortable with making unhappy. We do this whenever we set healthy boundaries or confront their actions that are wrong. Learning to make the right people unhappy is a great key for our personal success.