Most all children undergo the right of passage of learning to ride a bicycle. It is a big step on their journey of growth and marks a time when they begin to be more coordinated and even independent. After four previously failed attempts, this past week I ran along side my son as he conquered the bike and finally was able to ride it successfully. Riding a bike is a very complex task that requires developing new motor skills, much patience, and the ability to face the fear of falling.

There are a number of parallels that we can draw between riding a bike and the spiritual journey of following Jesus. Anyone who has learned to ride a bike knows that it comes with a few skinned elbows and knees. So too, walking with Christ is a learning process filled with times of great success and many falls. Despite the bumps and bruises, with patience and perseverance we can continue to improve our spiritual coordination as we keep our eyes focused on our destination of life with him.