One of the most defeating emotions people experience is hopelessness, that feeling of having no remedy to a problem. It is described as a sense of helplessness and despair. For some it can feel like you are drowning or sinking in mud, not knowing which way to turn.  God, the Creator of all life, knows how destructive hopelessness is and He even tells us that it can lead to physical sickness (Pro. 13:12).

One of the very first things God did when Adam sinned, losing the right to rule the earth and opening the way for death on all mankind, was to provide him with hope through the promise of a Redeemer. Taking our eyes off the spiritual realities of that future hope will always get us ensnared in the wicked web the enemy has spun. There are some very practical things that we must do to keep the hope alive for us daily.

  1. Develop personal spiritual practices
    Find your place of sanctuary. Read God’s Word, pray, praise, and worship God and the Lord.
  2. Change your perspective
    You may not be able to change your situation but you can always change the way you look at your situation. Learn to “fail forward” or fall upward.”
  3. Learn to act
    We all need something to look forward to so set realistic and simple goals and then commit to doing something every day to move towards them.
  4. Develop a system of support
    People need people so you must avoid the trap of isolation. Seek to connect with others, even on any level, and eventually aim to have a “safe” someone in who you can confide.