An excerpt from the Church blog by Don Turner,

A very big impediment to genuine community is that people are a messy bunch. Most, no, actually all of us ,find ourselves, protagonist or antagonist, caught up in an endless stream of conflicts,struggles,illnesses, etc.  Minding your own business and keeping your nose clean is, after all, pretty good counsel.  It’s like  living in a neighborhood or an apartment building.  Lots of us keep a safe distance, giving the tight smile and nod to our neighbors, but keeping the buffer zone in place at all times.  It is very easy to take the same approach, driven by fear, actually, in church.  Let the Pastor do the messy stuff.  Avoid  friction.  After all, it’s his job, right?  Wrong, it’s our job.

The fellowship of the people of God, the saints, the koinonia, from which we get communion and community, is designed by God to be a living organism, being nurtured by the contribution of each member, the DNA of the risen Christ coursing through the spiritual veins of His Body, bringing each member by encouragement and loving accountability into a place of spiritual maturity.  While it is abundantly clear that Jesus Christ set the ministries of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher in the body for the work of the ministry and for the perfecting or maturing of the saints, it is equally clear that they are not intended to usurp His head-ship, which results in a stunted church