The last few weeks I have enjoyed my Sunday evenings riding my motorcycle. I love to take off and head up the winding mountain roads near my home. A twist of the throttle and a few curves later and my mind clears as I enjoy the sights, sounds, and fresh smells of the open road. I’ve been riding motorcycles for over 45 years now and take for granted the skills I’ve developed that enable me to ride smoothly and safely.

My two-wheeled flight on a ribbon of asphalt has taught me a lot about spirituality. Much like life itself, I must face temptation, recognize it, and consciously ignore it. On the motorcycle I am often faced with the temptation to go faster and ride more aggressively. I’ve learned the hard way though that speed and recklessness come with negative consequences. On the motorcycle, as well as in my spiritual walk, I’ve also learned that I must look ahead (sometimes far ahead), scan the road and shoulders for potential problems, identify hazards, make a prediction, decide the correct action, and then execute the move correctly. This must all be done effortlessly and without much conscious thought since time and distance happen quickly at 70 miles an hour. The same can be true int he spiritual world. We must make virtuous choices in life a habit and that too can take years of practice.