In Christianity today there are many questions surrounding the subject of physical healing. Have you ever asked, “Is healing available today, and if so what provisions, if any, has God made for our healing?” Or, “What are the factors that affect healing, what role does faith play, and why don’t we see more healing in the Church today.” How about, “Why are there so many different ways that healings occur in the bible,” or, “What must I do to receive the healing I need?” In this teaching, Dan Gallagher answers these questions, and more, by providing key insights and foundational understandings that affect every Christian’s ability to receive the healing that God desires for them.

Understanding the material presented will provide you with a solid doctrinal understanding of healing, resulting in an increase in your faith and the faith of those to whom you minister. Learn that healing is not “prescriptive,” and that there is an interrelation among physical, emotional, spiritual, and moral healing. If healing is something you desire for your self or others, this is a teaching you will not want to miss.