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The Sense of Entitlement


Far too many people are out of touch with the sense of entitlement they have and the problems it produces for them. In this teaching Dan Gallagher demonstrates biblical examples of how the entitlement mentality causes people to live in a false reality with unrealistic, unmerited or inappropriate expectations. By getting in touch with pharisaical […]

Living Like Jesus Did in Grace and Truth


While Jesus Christ was full of both grace and truth, most people, due to character and inclinations, tend to lean toward one or the other. While some see the greatest value in the truth and find a lot of meaning in life by knowing and acting on what is true, others find great enjoyment in […]

Full of Grace and Truth


When we consider all the qualities that Jesus demonstrated, it is amazing that in John 1:14 God reduces them down to just two: grace and truth. Traditionally people put the majority of their focus on one or the other, but doing both at the same time can be quite challenging. Author Randy Alcorn states, “Truth […]

Jesus the Servant of Yahweh


The more we know about Jesus Christ, the more we can fully appreciate what he went through personally, the more deeply we can love him, and the more personal inspiration we can draw from his example. There are many prophecies of the Lord Jesus in the Old Testament, many of which are well known. A […]

Finding Our Joy


Our ability to find and experience joy affects almost every area of our lives. Not only does it impact our relationships with our spouses, family, co-workers and friends, it also has much to do with our ability to endure. It is joy that allows the children of God to endure great suffering, persecution, public insult […]

Who Do You Say I Am?


Almost two thousand years ago Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do you say I am?” This is the most important question that any person could ever answer and, in many ways, it still echoes through the world to this very day. In part one of this teaching, “Who Do You Say I Am?” Dan Gallagher […]

The Wages of Sin is Death


God had an interesting problem to solve before He ever created the universe. How could He allow people (and angels) to have genuine free will, and yet have a way to righteously exclude them from His everlasting Kingdom if they decided to be evil? He did it by setting up a decree long before He […]

Standing in Difficult Times – An Exposition of 2 Timothy


Every indication is that as Christians we are in for some difficult times ahead. But this is nothing new. Historically there have been various times and places where things were very difficult for believers. One of the books that can help us navigate through tough times is 2 Timothy. Paul was in jail and about […]

Endurance Inspired by Hope


Any worthy goal is only achieved through endurance, and the key to endurance is how much we are inspired by the goal. For Christians there is no greater goal than the rewards that we will receive from the Lord when we all appear before his throne. In this month’s teaching, Dan Gallagher refers to the […]

Knowledge and Obedience

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This month we are blessed to provide you with a two part teaching on obedience presented by John Schoenheit and Dan Gallagher. Knowing the truth is important, but God wants us to couple our knowledge with obedience. In Part One, The Obedience Model of Pleasing God, John Schoenheit demonstrates how it is more important to […]