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Knowledge and Obedience

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This month we are blessed to provide you with a two part teaching on obedience presented by John Schoenheit and Dan Gallagher. Knowing the truth is important, but God wants us to couple our knowledge with obedience. In Part One, The Obedience Model of Pleasing God, John Schoenheit demonstrates how it is more important to […]

Provider, Protector, Prophet, and Priest


Anyone who oversees others is taking care of God’s most valuable possession, His people. As such we must recognize that there are four major responsibilities that every godly leader has – to be a provider, protector, prophet, and priest. In this teaching, Dan explores various aspects of each of these four roles and how they […]

Iron Sharpening Iron


Despite the benefits that we all can receive from godly confrontation, most people hate the very idea of being confronted, and either avoid it altogether or fail miserably when they finally do it. Conflict is an ever-present relational reality, and godly confrontation is the mechanism we all can learn to employ to resolve it. When […]

A Basic Understanding of Curses


In comparison to Biblical times, nowadays many people do not realize the spiritual impact of their actions or words. In this teaching, Dan Gallagher takes us through the Bible and shows how curses are a mechanism that often times opens the door for demons to gain influence into a person’s life, the lives of their […]

Knowing Jesus Christ


Jesus made it clear that the only way to have a relationship with the Father was through him. In order to really know God, we must develop a true and intimate relationship with the His son, Jesus. Many recognize this truth but lack a clear understanding of how they can really “know” Jesus Christ. For […]

No “Ordinary” Child


The Word of God tells us that when Moses was born “he was no ordinary child.” While this is certainly true of Moses, from God’s perspective it is also true that no one ever born is considered ordinary. Sadly, despite such potential for being “extraordinary,” far too many people die as “ordinary.” What happens to […]

The Wise, The Fool, & The Wicked


The book of Proverbs tells us that its purpose is for “attaining wisdom and discipline,” which it does by showing people what is “right, just, and fair.” One of the principle ways it does this is by showing us the ways of the wise and comparing them to the fool and the wicked. In this […]

The Nature of the Enemy


Not only God has informed us that there is a spiritual battle raging between Him and His archenemy, He has also given us many insights into the nature of this enemy. In this teaching Dan Gallagher demonstrates how we can glean a great amount of information on the nature of our enemy from seven fundamental […]

Powerful and Effective Prayer


Most Christians know they should pray, and many even pray frequently. Despite our knowing the importance of prayer, most of us have, at times, questioned the effectiveness of our prayers. Many times we are frustrated because we don’t seem to get answers to our prayers. Although it is easy to put the blame on God […]

Commit Yourself to God


It has never been really too difficult to put a teaching together from the Bible that confronts a variety of sinful actions and attitudes. In this teaching, rather than confront sin, Dan Gallagher goes directly to the root of the sin problem and examines what it means to “commit our way to the Lord” (Psalm […]