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Sharing Your Faith: Embracing Patience & Process

Sharing your faith with someone can seem daunting, and sometimes overwhelming, as it is often hard to know what to say. I run into people all the time that either think they don’t know enough Bible to share their faith with people or think that they aren’t any good at it and so don’t do […]

Knowing Jesus Christ


Jesus made it clear that the only way to have a relationship with the Father was through him. In order to really know God, we must develop a true and intimate relationship with the His son, Jesus. Many recognize this truth but lack a clear understanding of how they can really “know” Jesus Christ. For […]

In Christ – Our Union with Christ


The Bible is the source of Christian doctrine and practice, and because of that it is vital that Christians are able to read it and understand what it is saying. Yet the Bible uses language that can be confusing to Christians. The language was not confusing to the Greeks, who spoke the language of the […]

Who is Jesus Christ?


It has been stated that no single person has had more effect on history than Jesus Christ. But now, just as when he lived, there are a lot of different opinions about him, ranging from a deceiver to the Son of God. In this teaching John Schoenheit opens the Word of God to see what […]

What is going on in Heaven?


If you are like most people, you have pictured heaven as a peaceful and restful place. Certainly it must be a wonderful place, but it is probably not like we imagine it to be. Do you think it is a tranquil place where angels strum on harps all day and God rules from His throne […]

The Birth of Christ


In this teaching, John Schoenheit gives a more accurate account of the birth of Christ, one supported both by Scripture and biblical custom. Joseph and Mary arrived in Bethlehem a number of days before the birth of Jesus, and were taken into the home…

The Fruit of the Spirit


Jesus Christ exemplified godly character, and every Christian should aspire to being like him. This teaching covers what it takes to be like Christ, and briefly discusses each of the fruit of the spirit.

Mature in Christ


This teaching identifies the two primary reasons we do not see more maturity in the Church today. It will not only challenge you, but will also do much to encourage and exhort you in your pursuit of spiritual maturity.