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Provider, Protector, Prophet, and Priest


Anyone who oversees others is taking care of God’s most valuable possession, His people. As such we must recognize that there are four major responsibilities that every godly leader has – to be a provider, protector, prophet, and priest. In this teaching, Dan explores various aspects of each of these four roles and how they […]

Character Counts

Far too often Christians fail to understand the significant role a person’s character plays in life both now, and as the basis for rewards at the Judgment. God is so concerned about our character that he has filled His Word with character instructions and lessons. In this teaching Dan Gallagher and John Schoenheit together define […]

Convicted, but not Condemned


“How to respond to sin in a godly manner” Everyone’s life is filled with lots of choices to make. Unfortunately, we often make the wrong choice, which can range from a simple misstep to serious sin. No matter what type of error we make, God has laid out a path that leads us from those […]

Walking in Wisdom


In this teaching, Dan Gallagher demonstrates through the life of King Solomon that we will not be able to walk in wisdom year after year unless we have godly character. Wisdom may show us the right path, but it is our character that enables us to walk…

Hezekiah – A Man of Action


This teaching focuses on Hezekiah’s godly character and highlights principles he exemplified that made him one of the greatest kings Judah ever had. We too can learn and practice those principles in our lives.

Keys to Godly Communication

This very practical teaching will empower you with the understanding you need to communicate better with others, especially in times of conflict. When in conflict we always need to ask ourselves if we are really obeying God’s Word; this teaching will illuminate the many verses on this important topic. Keys to better communication emerge for […]

Slave to Sin – No more!

Have you ever felt like you were the only one who struggles with sin? Well, you are not alone. In the first of this month’s double-barreled presentation, Kathy Lunardini reveals some of her personal struggles with sin and how she decided to no longer ignore it and thereby allow it to continue to have mastery […]