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My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?


Jesus’ words from the cross, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani,” have confused Bible students for years. Sadly, many of them think that Jesus either was, or thought he was, forsaken by God. In this teaching, John Schoenheit sets forth the real reason why Jesus spoke those powerful words: he was quoting from Psalm 22, and thus […]

The Passover: A Sacrifice of Grace


The New Testament tells us that Jesus Christ is our Passover lamb. What should that mean to us as Christians today? What was the Passover, and how do we make it applicable in our lives? This tape by John Schoenheit goes into the book of Exodus and covers some of the more important verses referring […]

Jesus Christ Our Approach Offering


Even a casual reading of the Old Testament indicates that God did not seem very accessible to the believers living then. This became very clear once the Tabernacle was built in the weeks after the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt. Although it gave people a place to worship God, it also clearly kept them apart from […]

An Overview of the Sacred Secret


For ages and generations God kept a sacred secret so huge, and so wonderful, that had Satan known it he would not have crucified Jesus Christ. Today, in the Age of Grace, God has made known that secret to anyone who cares to read the Church Epistles carefully and understand what is written there. God […]

TRANSFORMATION: Becoming like Christ


The Bible says that Christians are to be “imitators of God,” and live a life of love as Jesus Christ did. Doing so requires us to get rid of anger, bitterness, and evil communication, and to purify our hearts.

The Last Week of Christ’s Life


Here is a masterful exposition of what the Word of God actually says about one of the most critical weeks in “His-story.” Tradition has greatly distorted much of the beautiful truth about the events leading up to and including our Savior’s death and resurrection, and this teaching should greatly enhance your love for the written […]