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Life is Not a Game – Being Effective for God


Many people do not take their time on earth very seriously. Although we have many opportunities to serve God, we sometimes fail to plan to serve God, and end up not serving Him. In this teaching, John Schoenheit lays out the Biblical Warfare and the Wisdom models of belief, and shows how they are particularly […]

The Exchanged Life


Most Christians gladly accept that Christ died for their sins, and through him they can now have everlasting life. At the time of the new birth a person’s sins are charged to Christ, and in return Christ’s righteousness is credited to the believer. This is what we commonly refer to as the Great Exchange. One […]

Living Wisely


Far too often people endure hardship and difficulty because of the foolish choices they make. Despite God clearly telling us that “Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom” (Prov. 4:7), there is not nearly as much talk about, or pursuit of wisdom in Christianity as there ought to be. For example, when was the last time […]

Death and Resurrection to Life


The first two presentations in our new seminar, “Death and Resurrection to Life,” presented in this monthly teaching, set the backdrop for understanding from Scripture why so many people of all faiths believe that the soul lives on after the body dies.

Failing Forward


There are many ways to be a winner, but there is really only one way to be a loser–to fail and then not look beyond the failure. This teaching examines the lives of some biblical characters who learned to “fail forward,” establishing the biblical perspective we must adopt in order to turn the defeats of […]